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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Home Care Providers of Connecticut.

Why should I choose Home Care Providers of Connecticut over someone from the local newspaper?
There are several reasons why you should choose us, a locally owned and operated agency that is also a 2012 Certified Home Care Pulse agency. First of all, the Caregivers are screened, trained, bonded, and insured. Our large staff of quality Caregivers ensures a compatible and reliable Caregiver will be there to assist you or your loved one. Hiring a private Caregiver from a local newspaper can result in you being responsible for insurance, taxes, and government withholdings, as well as doing a background check on them.
What are some of the advantages of choosing Home Care over moving to an Assisted Living Facility?

Many times, a loved one is moved into a facility when the family providing the care determines the burden is too much or when there are safety concerns. Home care allows families to focus on relationships instead of the work involved in taking care of a loved one, and we can be there for safety. When taking care of a loved one becomes “work,” our services can put the focus back on spending time together.

One of the main advantages of home care is that it allows the person to age in place. This means they can remain independent in their own home for as long as possible. Home care is delivered in the home, thus keeping families together.

Keeping your loved one in their home environment is a comforting alternative to premature admission to a long-term care facility. It is also less expensive than other forms of care.

What is the difference between Home Care and Home Health Care?
Typically, Home Care refers to non-medical care such as companionship/homemaking services or personal care services. The services we provide help an individual to remain independent and live a full life, typically in their own home. Home Health Care refers to providing skilled nursing care, medical assistance beyond medication management, and other care such as speech, physical, or occupational therapy.
Where are services provided? Can they be provided in an Assisted Living Facility?
We provide our services wherever they are needed – in a private residence, assisted living facility, or rehabilitation center. Sometimes, an individual wishes to stay at a certain level of care in a facility instead of moving to a level that provides more care. In this situation, we can provide personal assistance, which allows someone to stay longer in the place of their choice. Also, we can help someone who recently moved to a facility with companionship or someone who wishes to remain more independent by providing transportation services.
What are ADLs?
ADLs or “Activities of Daily Living” include basic tasks of day-to-day living that some people take for granted, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, mobility, and toileting. Many seniors or someone recovering from illness or surgery may be fairly independent but need assistance with one or two ADLs. Our services provide assistance with all ADLs.
How do I start with Home Care Providers of Connecticut?
Contact our office directly by calling 203-792-2273 for services in Connecticut and surrounding areas. Our staff will meet with you at your convenience and conduct a free, no-obligation assessment.
How quickly can services be provided?
We are there when you need us. The schedule of services is under your control, and we make certain the schedule you want is the schedule you get. We understand that sometimes an appointment may arise or a family visit may change the needs and schedule. Changes can be made with 24 hours notice for non-emergency situations and at any time for emergency situations.
How are Caregivers hired?
Each potential Caregiver must successfully complete a personal and professional reference check and a criminal history background check. All of our Caregivers are bonded and insured through Home Care Providers of Connecticut and receive initial and ongoing training. We will also train our Caregivers for specific situations when needed.
How are Caregivers matched with a Client?
Personality and skill set matching is the primary key to a successful home care relationship. During the assessment, our care managers will gather the information necessary to make a quality staffing decision. We use an exhaustive database to keep track of our Caregiver’s skills and abilities and use this tool, along with our personal knowledge from our strong family-like relationships with our caregivers, to make great decisions about whom we send out to care for you or your loved one.
What happens if my loved one doesn’t like the Caregiver?
Finding the right match for your loved one is one of the most important keys to great caregiving. We try to introduce your loved one to the caregiver before we even begin our service. At any time, if you or your loved one is not happy with the caregiver, they will be replaced. The matching process will continue until you or your loved one is comfortable. Please be aware that Home Care Providers of Connecticut does not tolerate discrimination.
Who pays the Caregiver, you or me?
All of our caregivers are employed by Home Care Providers of Connecticut, which means that we handle all the insurance, payroll taxes, withholdings, and administrative responsibilities.
13 Reasons to Choose Home Care Providers of Connecticut Over Other Agencies

13 Reasons to Choose Home Care Providers of Connecticut.

  • Other Agencies won’t answer your calls after hours. Home Care Providers of Connecticut has a 24-hour call line with a representative ready to answer your call. This line is open 24/7, including on public holidays.
  • Other Agencies won’t be transparent and act in your best interest. Home Care Providers of Connecticut will always act or mediate in the interest of our clients. Taking care of your business is our business.
  • Other Agencies will not allow you/your family to participate in the plan of care. Home Care Providers of Connecticut care managers will gather information from family members, social workers, physicians, and nurses to create the best-suited care plan to promote the quality of life and rehabilitation of the patient.
  • Other Agencies will leave your problems unsolved. At Home Care Providers of Connecticut, concerns are relayed to the office staff, and we act on your behalf to find solutions to problems to ensure pleasant and continued care.
  • Other Agencies will talk and scandal about their clients. At Home Care Providers of Connecticut, we are sworn to Client Confidentiality and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance.
  • Other Agencies will treat you too cold and too professional. At Home Care Providers of Connecticut, our focus is not only on the patient. When a patient suffers, so does their family and loved ones. Home Care Providers of Connecticut observes that wellness and rehabilitation are, at times, elements that need to exist in the patient’s family as well.
  • Other agencies may not respect your property. As part of Home Care Providers of Connecticut’s Risk Management, Licensing, and Accreditation Standards, Home Care Providers of Connecticut and all its employees hold valid workplace liability insurance for damages incurred to clients’ property resulting from care services being carried out.
  • Other Agencies do not prioritize their clients. At Home Care Providers of Connecticut, we always put our clients and customers’ needs first. Our purpose is to serve you with Compassion, Integrity, and Transparency.
  • Other Agencies won’t support their workforce. Home Care Providers of Connecticut Managers provide constant supervision of clients and employees by using management tools, daily reporting logs, and shift verification software that captures clock-ins and tasks performed during visits. Caregivers undergo a number of educational steps, such as employment orientation, client care plan orientation, and ongoing in-service programs. Licensed CNAs by State are required to renew their license every 24 months.
  • Other Agencies will not allow you to dispute a bill or paycheck. It’s simple: just give Home Care Providers of Connecticut a call and let a manager know your concern, and he/she will get to the bottom of it for you.
  • Other Agencies will charge you extra fees for visits. As part of the Home Care Providers of Connecticut Quality Assurance Program, a promise we made to you, our managers will call to make sure everything is going as planned, conduct scheduled visits, and at times, unscheduled visits to make sure our customers are kept Safe and happy without extra charge.
  • Other Agencies are always changing their rates and policies to suit their working capital and will charge you high interest if you don’t pay on time. Home Care Providers of Connecticut’s prices will only increase under two conditions: if the client’s care needs change and due to other market-related factors, such as the cost of labor and inflation.
  • Other Agencies will charge you the lowest market rate and provide you with the poorest quality of care. We at Home Care Providers of Connecticut believe life is priceless, and cutting costs on health could cost a life or make one’s life tremendously painful and unhappy. We are not the cheapest, but we do charge fair market rates and provide the highest level of care. So, you receive the best value of care for your dollar.